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Niklas Ödmann Lighting designer PLDA, Co-owner and founder Lighting Designer PLDA, Co-owner Niklas was born in Stockholm in 1964. During the 1980ties he worked as a stage lighting designer for numerous of prestigious theaters in Stockholm such as The Royal Theater and Folkoperan . He was educated at the Institute of Dramatics in between 1989 to 1991. Niklas strives towards always working with the combination between functionality and aesthetics in his works. A vision to use some of the qualities of theatrical lighting in the public room of architecture drove him to change path into Architectural Lighting Design in 1991. Together with Kai Pippo he founded the company Ljusarkitektur, a company that they ran with for 18 years before going different ways in 2009. As a practicing Lighting Designer Niklas has played a big role in the development of professional lighting design in Sweden. Among some of his most famous works is the New Central Post office in Stockholm, numerous shopping stores within NK and a number of designs for the Department of Fine Arts. Niklas is a member of the PLDA and has been the Head Designer for many workshops both in Sweden and abroad. He also frequently holds lighting seminars for both Architects and other various groups within the construction industry. When Niklas is not working you are most likely to find him at his summer residence on Gotland or riding a racing bicycle with his buddies from the Ringmurens bicycle club. Niklas is currently working on Hyllie torg in Malmö and the Rubber Factory in Värnamo.

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