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Ateljéföreningen Platform Ankaret is a non-profit association that works for art on Gotland. Under the name Platform, outward-looking cultural events are made, especially in connection with the association's studio houses, but also in other places and in different contexts.  


During Art Week in Stockholm in April 2017, Ankaret's contribution at the Supermarket Art Fair to one of the week's most important art events was listed by DN's Birgitta Rubin. The studio association consists of the visual artists: Eva Bergenwall, Kristina Frank, Torbjörn Limé and Jessica Lundeberg.


Arsenic workers, watercolor painting, 50x50 cm, 2018

The Arsenic Workers, water color painting, 50x50 cm, 2018


Torbjörn Limé is a visual artist and works mainly with painting, photography, land art as well as design assignments and installation art. In parallel with his art, he also works project-based as an educator and expert in the artistic field.


Jessica Lundeberg is an artist and works with painting, sculpture and film.

Her interest lies in the "interpersonal". She gets inspiration from relationships, fairy tales, fables and the people and environments of childhood.


We are all atoms, video performance, 08:45, 2018

Distribution, Stiftelsen FilmForm

Animator and video artist. In her animation, she wants to go outside the square box, work

with spaciousness and atmosphere. She likes to invite the audience by opening up to one

interactive meeting. Building models and creating worlds is a cornerstone of her art

and she prefers to use traditional materials such as paper and cardboard that she finds in



The road home, C print on depth-absorbing material 120x253 cm, Tyresö housing 2019

Eva Bergenwall is a visual artist and works mainly with painting, photography and objects as well  public design.
The works tell both about the dream and reality and oscillate nuancedly between different moods and states. It is man who is at the center with his inner experiences of himself, and his outer experiences of the outside world, fellow human beings and the span between them.
  Angelica Blomhage Gotlands Konstmuseum

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