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Gotland's Kulturrum is a Gotland cluster of cultural entrepreneurship and a living meeting place in the middle of central Visby. Two minutes to the sea.


We started as an economic association on 23th of November in 2017 and had a Grand Opening on 24-26 January 2020.

The story started already in 2015 when Kulturskolan had to move from its premises and Region Gotland wanted to sell the properties. Through the non-profit association Kulturklustret Visby (which then formed Gotland's Kulturrum) a sale was stopped that would start an impoverishment for Visby inner city.


The business today consists of a members, stakeholders, board and partners.


Beskrvining av Gotlands Kulturrums organisation

THE BOARD 2020-2021

The Board's task is to ensure that the business continues to develop and fulfill its goals in consultation with members, friends of the culture room and partners.


The board is Gotlands Kulturrum's decision - making body and company signatory.

Do you want to join the board? Contact Us!


Linnéa Grimstedt chairman
Unn Dahlman Secretary 
Stig Hammarstedt Vice Chairman
Jens Friiis Hansen treasurer
Christian Hoffman Member

Mikael Mellqvist deputy
Miranda Månlilja deputy



Are you who want to rent an office space or premises for a longer period of time. You become the heart of the business, which inspires and collaborates for the creation of a living meeting place of culture on Gotland.


What does it mean to rent at Gotlands Kulturrum?

  • You become a tenant at Gotlands Kulturrum where you can rent a room or office space together with others or individually.

  • You get a social and inspiring place to work together with other creative actors

  • You are part of Gotlands Kulturrum's network

  • You are part of Gotlands Kulturrum's member meetings

  • You will receive a membership letter and newsletter from Gotlands Kulturrum

  • Your events that take place in the house are updated on our media


What do I need to do to become a member?

  • You pay membership of SEK 300 / year

  • You pay a deposit of SEK 4,000 (a one-time deposit)

  • You comply with our lease policy

  • You pay rent every month


If you want to know more about the different rooms as well as office space or membership , you can contact us!

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