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Film on Gotland is Region Gotland's county institution for film. Together with other Gotland film actors such as Bergmancenter, Gotland Film Fund, Gotland Folk High School, Film Capital Stockholm, the upper secondary schools' programs with a media focus and Kulturskolan, we work to make Gotland one of the Baltic Sea's most attractive film regions.


We work with film culture, which means everything from film pedagogy, cinema issues, talent development, educational issues and events. We also work with production issues for short films, feature films and TV series. Partly through our film commissioner, partly through our short and documentary film support.  Films on Gotland are also represented on the Gotland Film Fund's board.


Film on Gotland has offices at Kustateljén in Fårösund and at Kulturrum. In both places, there are opportunities for filmmakers to sit and cut or otherwise work with their production by agreement.


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Paola has overall management and budget responsibility and also administers the After Bergman screenplay award. Paola is also head of the Culture Unit and a board member of the Gotland Film Fund.


Film Consultant / Film Strategist


Ylva works with short and documentary film support, is part of the regional consulting network, arranges Talent Days on Fårö and has overall responsibility for the film strategy. Ylva is also a member of the board of the Film Regions, an association for Sweden's regional film operations.


Ville Jegerhjelm works as a film commissioner of 75%. His assignment is to pilot film productions that record, or are interested in recording, on Gotland right. He is also studio manager at Kustateljén in Fårösund during film recordings and works with external marketing.


Developers for children and young people


Sandra Fröberg is a developer for children and young people and responsible for viewing 75%.

She works with film in leisure time for children and young people, continuing education for teachers and educators, support for cinemas and other screening organizations as well as various screening events such as the Noomarathon and the short film festival Quick Pix.

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