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Magnus Ringblom is a Swedish musician who grew up near Gothenburg and discovered an early interest in music. At just four years old, he began playing the piano, later picking up the clarinet and saxophone to play in school orchestras and take part in some small European tours. At 18, he attended a specialist jazz school to study what he believes is “one of the most open forms of music”, subsequently gaining a place at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm. After brief stints as a teacher and a barista, Magnus decided to focus on his true passion: music composition. Today, he lives with his family in Gotland - an island off the Eastern coast of Sweden - and continues to work as a successful composer. As a solo artist, Magnus has been heard several billion times on YouTube and his track “Relaxation Station” has previously reached number one on Spotify’s “Late Night Jazz” playlist, which has over one million followers. His band, “Magnus Ringblom Quartet”, has also enjoyed success, releasing their debut album, “The Gotland Session”, in 2016.


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