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From the box camera and the black and white darkroom to today's modern, digitized image production - in my opinion an exciting photographic development. The tools have certainly changed a lot, but the most important driving force is still the same, the desire and desire to create good images! More than fifty years have passed since I made my first impressions. Kodak Brownie was the name of the camera if I remember correctly and the first handmade copies faded magically in a temporarily rigged lab. I can still remember the smell of the fix as well as of the T-spirit used for high gloss drying.


The first staggering steps in the world of photography were followed by internships at a portrait studio in Visby, photography school in Gothenburg, jobs in the commissioned film industry, various independent courses, repro photographer, etc. Today I work with a mix of assignments and own projects and also have long experience of print pictures.

Despite many years as a photographer, I still try to see the world with new eyes and to feel the joy when the image "sits there" and maybe that is exactly what is my driving force.

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